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Arredamenti Per Parrucchieri.it : In these pages make it easy to find the right furniture for your salon. Now lets look at the building blocks that you have in your living room to give launch their à activities. An essential piece of furniture to have in your living room è on the job that some call also hairdresser shelf what è the set up of the mirror and Chair to run services. There are two types of shelves from work: hairdresser shelf on the wall, especially useful to the hairdresser that has little space or want to make the most of what is available in the lounge and the mansola by visiting the island, pi ù pi ù scenic but sometimes challenging in terms of space occupied. The workstations of hairdresser reflect a bit the style and tastes of the owner of the Salon that the user à, being the living room furniture components that pi ù you notice you should choose them calmly, trying to represent, through design on your work style. Basically, a young hairdresser with a youthful clientele and open to alternative styles, pu ò choose for your living room: a wall with a sandblasted mirror work backlit, black plastic or leatherette armchair and footstool and glossy or satin finish chrome metal worktop. Hairdressing chairs are critical for proper workstation. Are designed and manufactured specifically for this job, you need to ensure a high comfort for both for the hairdresser who must work around. Another important furniture component for a hair salon are unisex Salon chairs, hairdressing chairs or armchairs which can be female or male hairdresser chairs and finally Barber chairs. There are armchairs of elegant design, extremely comfortable, with frame in resin, with aluminium or chromed metal accessories and upholstery in fabric, leather or imitation leather. The choice to purchase a hairdressing Chair must take account not only of design but must be assessed, for example, the option à to have the hydraulic pump with or senzaa block. In these models, the stem of the è Chair with a hydraulic pump and lever that moves the seat out of various heights. The man chairs, also known as Barber chairs, are often different than the women\'s sessions. The integrated headrest and footrest, generally not necessary for customers and then reclining back, useful to obtain an optimal position while shaving. Even the seats are equipped with hydraulic pump control system which can be operated by hand or foot lever. Some sophisticated models or design pi ù researched, are equipped with hair dryer or embellished with wood inlays. Choose the optimal Salon Chair depends not only on the budget, even by the style of the surrounding environment; the furniture around the living room should be pi ù harmonious and uniform as possible. Finally, there are unisex seat models: armchairs for men designed for a female audience. The Chair trick or beauty do you use for makeup, eyebrow shaping or aesthetic procedures, è very useful that the client sit in a Chair from the backrest reclines. Finally we examine the piece of furniture of Bike wash dedicated to hair washing means furniture-sink for the shampoo. Based on the needs of Salon you can buy single washes or in bulk. The first type è with typically one armchair in a structure at the end à è placed the hot ceramic wash basins, cio è white tilting pan to fit well and neck prevent water washing slides on the neck bathing suits. The washes in bulk, are generally composed of two or more ù armchairs placed under one roof. The mixer with hand shower estaribile, must have a single lever for é adjusts with one hand. The most modern trends of ù Salon hairstyles to make oasis of beauty and relaxation for designers of components for hairdressers draw and produce washes with all amenities. The wash basins with shiatsu massage, for example, that thanks to their preset programs, offer a soft massage to client session to the shampoo. The armchair with air massage is activated from a distance, being equipped with remote control. When buying the washes, consider purchasing a work plan and a towel and backwash water will. Some models are equipped with a washing towel compartment and wine racks designed to contain detergents. There are chests of drawers, varnished wood veneer furniture backwash water will feature or rosewood or some real structures with shelves and laminate counters of different colors. Some of these may be equipped with wash basin and countertop to prepare tinctures and other beauty treatments. Optimal placement of this furniture è behind the washing.

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10 Sep 19
Anthony Grant

The hairstylist's inspiration for this collection started when he looking through a kaleidoscope and visualising the wide spectrum of colours, he created his own unique colour palette. Working on natural Afro hair has enabled he to introduce vibrant colour and set new trends. It's about girls who have an alter ego, having the confidence to express themselves through their hair using strong bold colours, introducing the illusion of texture and movement. He infused colours, textures to his kaleidoscope collection, creating a fresh new look with an editorial vibe. These girls don't follow trends, they dictate them.

Collection: Kaleidoscope
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Marta Mucha
Stylist: James Millagan


06 Sep 19


In un mondo in cui si sono moltiplicate le opportunità di acquisto e di relazione con i brand, le CHIAVI per il SUCCESSO sono la personalizzazione e l'esperienza di marca che si riesce a offrire ai clienti che però, complice anche il digitale, hanno aspettative sempre più alte.

Diventa quindi indispensabile conoscere il consumatore.

"Oggi ogni luogo è un luogo di scambio: stiamo sempre vendendo o comprando un prodotto, un servizio, dati, informazione, attenzione"

Uno scenario, quello attuale, in cui si presentano, infinite possibilità di acquisto e di relazione con le marche.
I CONSUMATORI hanno cominciato a muoversi non più in modo lineare ma imprevedibile e i diversi punti di contatto si intrecciano tra loro.

Per esempio il 45% dichiara di comprare sul web dopo aver effettuato una ricerca nel negozio fisico, che quindi non è più da considerare come il punto terminale del processo.
Inoltre chi fa shopping online spesso lo fa da rivenditori non italiani: ci si riferisce quindi non più a una geografia italiana ma internazionale.

Tutto ciò porta a una trasformazione delle aspettative del consumatore.

Il 38% infatti si aspetta personalizzazione, il 64% la consegna gratuita degli acquisti online, il 30% procedure semplici per il reso, il 68% un'esperienza post acquisto.

05 Sep 19
Sam Kerr and Natasha Mahey

This collection takes inspiration from architecture, working with different textures but retaining a sexy feel to the looks. Working with a combination of sleek and soft textures to keep each of these images strong with a sexy edge.

Collection: Architecture
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Amie Cheryls
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


02 Sep 19
Jean-Paul Agon presidente e amministratore delegato del gruppo L'Oreal.

da Dieci Anni a questa parte

L’Oréal non arresta la sua corsa e nei primi sei mesi del 2019
mette a segno ricavi in crescita per tutte le divisioni.

“Il migliore semestre da dieci anni a questa parte”: così Jean-Paul Agon, presidente e amministratore delegato del gruppo L’Oréal ha commentato i risultati dei primi sei mesi dell’anno.

Il fatturato è cresciuto del 7,3% (like-for like) superando i
14,8 miliardi di euro e l’utile operativo è salito del 12,1%, stabilendo un nuovo record di margine operativo del 19,5%, pari a più di
2,3 miliardi di euro.

Tutte le divisioni stanno crescendo, in particolare L’Oréal Luxe
(+ 13,2% a 5,150% miliardi) e L’Oréal Active Cosmetics 
(+ 13,6% a 1,416% miliardi), che hanno registrato una crescita a doppia cifra.

La progressione di L’Oréal Luxe è guidata dai suoi quattro grandi marchi LancômeYves Saint LaurentGiorgio Armani e Kiehl’s.

La divisione Active Cosmetics continua a beneficiare del crescente interesse per la bellezza e sta registrando una crescita geograficamente equilibrata.

“Le prestazioni della divisione prodotti di consumo stanno migliorando di semestre in semestre" ha proseguito Agon, grazie soprattutto al successo di L’Oréal Paris, il marchio di bellezza numero uno al mondo.

"Nel frattempo, la trasformazione della divisione prodotti professionali è in corso”.

Tra le aree geografiche stanno crescendo in particolare:
l’Asia-Pacifico, Cina, India, Malesia, Indonesia, Vietnam mentre il Nord America è ancora frenato dal rallentamento del make up.

L’e-commerce è aumentato del + 48,5% e rappresenta il 13,2%
delle vendite totali.

30 Aug 19
Jack Howard

Collection: Collaboration


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